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Paul E. Araujo

Paul E. Araujo

Paul E. Araujo

"Including the BSO in my estate plans gives me the pleasure of knowing that I have helped maintain the tradition of musical excellence, and it also allows me to thank my parents for passing the gift of musical appreciation on to me."

Music has always been considered a part of life in Paul E. Araujo's family. When he was young his mother's cousins would often visit his home bringing their instruments with them. Mr. Araujo remembers that visits to his father's parents' home were not complete unless one of his aunts or uncles played something on the piano.

When he was old enough, he was tasked with choosing an instrument to master. Mr. Araujo's family had the expectation that an educated gentleman would be knowledgeable about music and that even if a professional career was not in his future, he would acquire a fuller understanding and appreciation of music by this endeavor. Mr. Araujo acknowledges that they were correct—even though sometimes an hour of practice seemed like a very long time.

Today, Mr. Araujo finds that one of his greatest treats is attending a BSO concert. The ability to attend live concerts is a great advantage after his upbringing in an area far from a professional orchestra. As Mr. Araujo moved around with his career, proximity to live orchestral music was one of the elements he most missed during the times when his employer assigned him to a rural area.

In addition, Mr. Araujo has been delighted to see Marin Alsop's work promoting young people's appreciation of orchestral music. With so many cutbacks in our young peoples' education, he believes, her projects stand to benefit future generations as her graduates pass on this crucial civilizing force.

Including the orchestra in his estate plans gives Mr. Araujo the pleasure of knowing that he has helped maintain the tradition of musical excellence. It is also a way for Mr. Araujo to thank his parents for passing the gift of musical appreciation on to him, and through this gift, to others.